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    New Dog Foods on the Market are Healthier than Past Varieties 

    Purina Petcare has a new, innovative whole food dog food your canines will fall in love with. Dinnertime will be a breeze with Purina’s new Beneful, which has so many new flavors. This exciting new line is made of chunky bits of real food that provide all the nutrition for energy that your dog needs for romping and playing with your family. Purina Dog Chow has always been a dog food that was good for your dog, but now Purinastore has really kicked it up to a higher quality, premium packed food that will improve their general health when you make Beneful the regular food for your pooch.

    Whole food, as compared to most manufactured dog food, means that instead of heavily processing the food, whether it is dry kibble of a canned variety, Beneful uses whole foods such as chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, spinach and whole grains in a savory, tasty blend. Nutrients are not lost, and your dog receives the wholesome flavor of real food that he/she is longing for. Once your Spot has tasted the Beneful line of products, they will soon pick their favorites or you can feed them daily with the age-appropriate bag for the age of your dog, such as puppy food for your puppy. Either way, dogs show more energy and a shinier coat when they are fed Beneful every day. You will benefit as the owner by their playful behavior and fewer trips to the vet.

    Freshpet in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a fresh twist on healthy, nutritious dog food, and they have begun the production of a wholesome, refrigerated dog food. Freshpet produces the only refrigerated industrialized pet food, and they are making their mark in the $21 million pet food industry. Twenty-first-century pet owners like the idea of feeding their pets with healthy foods, so they are able to enjoy them for many more years in the future. Beneful is the next best kind of dog food next to the refrigerated brand, and it has the added plus of being convenient, not requiring refrigeration. Bring Beneful home to your dog today.



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    Woke Twitter Wakes People To The Harsh Reality Of Racist Tweets 

    Woke Twitter has woken up people in South Africa and the world at large to racist remarks made on Twitter. Justin van Vuuren, Penny Sparrow and Chris Hart were in an unenviable spot after they used the popular micro-blogging platform and Facebook to make racist remarks. The tweets have seen charges brought against the three of them and Hart suspended from Standard Bank as an analyst. The backlash against the racist remarks also resulted in Justin van Vuuren losing an endorsement deal with FutureLife for the fitness gyms he owns in South Africa.

    Woke Twitter is a consciousness movement that seeks to ensure political and social correctness. Being “woke” means that one is politically and socially conscious. The movement seeks to cut through the hype and ensure people are aware of the real issues. Woke Twitter uses screenshots of offensive and insensitive media post to create memes and hashtags that bring attention to such posts. It targets posts by social media users that are racist or show gender discrimination.

    The remarks were made on Twitter and Facebook by the three on January 3, 2016. Following their being highlighted by Woke Twitter, social media users rallied to condemn the demeaning remarks targeted at black South Africans. This saw South Africans both black and white and social media users worldwide take to Twitter to post tweets in response to the despicable remarks.

    The issue has raised a debate about free speech versus the right to human dignity. While the constitution protects everyone’s free speech right, it is important to ensure that this does not infringe on the rights of others. Legal analyst Brenda Wardle asserts that Sparrow’s and the others accused used their freedom of speech to infringe on the right to human dignity of others.

    She asserts that freedom of speech and expression is limited to the constitution’s specific clauses unlike human dignity. By comparing black South Africans to animals, apes and monkeys, Sparrow prejudiced the rights of all black South Africans.

    Wardle is one of the activists on the forefront of the activist activity and controversy. She earned a Bachelor of Law from the University of South Africa. She has been vocal on many controversial issues. She has been involved in advocating for many social and political issues especially those involving human rights, politics, poverty, education and children.

    She became widely known by handling the legal implications of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius’ case. She has authored a book on it titled To Kill A Fragile Rose. She has also made many appearances in several news networks as a guest analyst in Africa, America and Britain.

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    The Successful Career of Helane Morrison 

    Corporate Review and functions

    Helane Morrison is a mastermind in the corporate world. She holds some positions in a company known as Hall Capital Partners LLC. For instance, she is the managing director, Chief Compliance Officer and the General Counsel of this company. Helane is also a major participant in the Executive Committee of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before she joined this firm, Helane was in charge of various top-notch institutions. First of all, she was the head of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) with the expertise of a regional director. During this time, she was accountable for several functions like; enforcement of security, and handling matters of regulation, and litigation. Apart from that, Helane was also the SEC representative when it came to legal issues and concerns about the government.

    Educational Background and expertise

    Ms. Morrison has widespread experience when it comes to law. This boils down to the fact that she practiced law in several law firms at the beginning of her career. The law firms include Rice, Canady, and Nemerovski. Her major expertise was business litigation and also defending private security matters. She was also in charge of handling all corporate investigations in the firm; hence, Helane was in charge of curbing the prevalence of fraud and fraudulent associated schemes, according to her LinkedIn. Helane also served as a law clerk and even held several ranks in the court of appeals from 1984 to 1986.

    She is also a major participant in the board of the RPF (Regional Parks Foundation) and has contributed a lot of constructive ideas towards the success of the foundation. Helane Morrison occasionally takes the position of a speaker when it comes to issues pertaining compliance, investment, and private funds. She has several academic credentials that set her apart as a successful lawyer. She holds a law degree from the University of California and a journalism degree from Northwestern University.


    Helane Morrison has gone against the grain to be a very successful woman in the corporate world. She has been responsible for directing the enforcement program of SEC. When she was a lawyer back in the year 1996, Helane represented some clients who had gone against the laws of SEC hence, ensuring justice implication while also defending the company’s image. She has tackled the issue of gender disparity by using the success of Hall Capital as a benchmark to point out that women are equally capable of achieving success. Helane has also been a consistent advocate for justice and integrity. This has ensured that businesses operate within the prescribed jurisdiction.

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    How Will Greg Hague And Real Estate Mavericks Change The Way Americans Sell Homes? 

    Greg Hague has some radical ideas about selling homes. Home sales have not changed in several decades, and Greg does not see the point in maintaining the old system. He founded Real Estate Mavericks to help realtors learn how to sell homes like a retail business. This article explains how Greg came about his 22-point system, why it is necessary and what Greg does to help realtors.

    #1: What Are The 22 Points?

    There is not enough in this article to list all 22 points, but the idea behind the Real Estate Mavericks is creating a new system. The system at Real Estate Mavericks is based on retail marketing, and Greg trains realtors to market their homes like a computer company markets its new laptop. Homes are not appealing on their own, and Greg urges agents to use their resources to make each home look exciting.

    #2: Market Before The Home Is Listed

    The most critical point for Greg is what is done with a listing before it goes on MLS. Mls is not the end of the road for a home, but MLS should not be the beginning, either. Greg asks realtors to send their colleagues details on an exciting new home before it goes on the market. Interest will grow with people who are looking for homes right now, and someone may have lined up to see the home the day it goes on MLS.

    The marketing program for a home must continue after it goes on the market. Realtors are shown how to use social media to market homes, and there are several options that allow realtors to list homes in a manner that is far more exciting than waiting for leads to come in from MLS. It is much easier to use social media for marketing.

    #3: Use Many Social Media Accounts

    Realtors are taught in the Real Estate Mavericks program to use as many social media accounts as possible to market their homes. The accounts will all reach different people, and the accounts will provide global appeal for a home. Someone who is looking for a home in a far away city may see the listing online, and it is a quick phone call to line up an appointment. Taking one extra step makes all the difference with the Real Estate Mavericks.

    Real Estate Mavericks places to make a change in the way Americans sell homes. A home must be listed with a bit of wisdom that is not found in using MLS. The plan created by Real Estate Mavericks has been taught to many realtors successfully, and it will change the appeal of every home listed under the plan.

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    Soros Foundations Are Banned In Russia 

    George Soros has friends all over the world, but the world seems to end at Russia’s borders. The billionaire hedge fund guru has been told two foundations of his no longer welcome in the country. Russia has chosen to ban both the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation from Russia. Fortune has noted the reason behind the banning is Russia’s government deems the organizations “undesirable” and “security threats”.

    Soros has been in the news a great deal over the past few weeks. Most recently, his dire warnings upon an upcoming financial meltdown and a prediction of the collapse of the European Union garnered major headlines. The Russia ban does not bar Soros based on economic commentary. Rather, the government is uncomfortable with the political leanings of his foundations.

    In previous months, Soros states on that aid should be increased to Ukraine, a nation currently embroiled in civil war-like situation with separatists aligned with Russia. Needless to say, the Russian government is not going to be very open to allowing Soros’ foundations to gain an expansive foothold within the Russian Federation.

    Likely, Soros’ past successes in numerous life endeavors makes the government of Russia nervous. And yes, Soros has experienced a lot of success over the course of his long life.

    George Soros earned tremendous amounts of money thanks to his success in currency trading and hedge fund managing. He became a philanthropist in 1979 and has funded a tremendous number of progressive causes over the ensuing years. Soros has also authored a number of books with one of his most recent being The Tragedy of the European Union (2014).

    Soros has issued public statements regarding his disappointment with the decision of the Russian government. Both Soros and representatives of his foundation has suggested the ban is only going to be a temporary one and the doors will be opened once again in the near future. In all likelihood, barring major political changes and upheavals in Russia, the ban is not going to be reversed.

    This does not mean Soros’ foundations won’t be able to influence things in Russia. Social media and other modes of communication have a tendency to breach many barred doors. The foundations would be more effective if they were able to run full operations in Russia and barriers to that goal remain in place. Once again, the situation does have a slim possibility of improving in time.

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    CCMP Capital: Making The Best Use Of Financial Strategies 

    It has been said that when it comes to finance, if you are doing what everyone else is doing, then you will only get average results. There are certain firms, financial advisers and scholars who use unique strategies for investment, retirement planning and other money-making venues and one such firm is CCMP Capital founded by Stephen “Steve” Murray who is a well-known financial experts and philanthropist.

    One thing is clear, when it comes to money, following the rest of the crowd simply won’t work for the long run. There are literally hundreds of financial products and concepts out there and you need to look for what works best for your particular situation. After careful investigation, financial experts like Steve Murray at CCMP Capital will provide you guidance about how and where you should invest. With them you will find new ways to grow wealth without losing sleep and without having worry about the fluctuating market. An appropriate financial product or service you choose at CCMP Capital will meet all criteria necessary to build your financial portfolio. It is simple to implement, pretty much operated on autopilot and convenient to use or alter as well. You don’t have to spend hours and hours analyzing stock charts or searching for the right investment, these Pehub experts like Steve Murray will handle the task for you.

    At CCMP Capital, you will find just about any product or service related to finance. But the most popular services this company provides include underwriting, real estate planning, merger, investment banking, acquisitions and retirement planning. Here you will have the confidence that your nest egg would grow safely. The financial tools that they use when combined with apt financial principle will let you get back on track and be successful. These are the advice that you won’t hear from your stockbroker, CPA, credit card companies or your favorite banker. At CCMP Capital, they know what they are doing and they do it very well. They know the surprisingly simple ways to turn the direction of financial energy and make it focus toward you. They have time-tested and proven money growing tools that will enable investors to fulfill their financial dreams.

    With CCMP Capital, you will be able to obtain a rock-solid financial plan and a very consistent retirement income. If you haven’t saved much yet, these financial experts will show you how to do that without compromising quality of life. You will have the peace of mind that comes with learning that you don’t have to depend on failing government programs for your security in the future, especially after retirement. All of this and much more can be achieved through CCMP Capital’s plans and strategies without gambling your hard earned money in risky investments.

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    A Profile Of Visionary CEO Flavio Maluf 

    Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and a dedicated family man. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With his Brazilian heritage, he grew up with strong moral values and continues this tradition with his family today. He started out his career as a mechanical engineer.

    Through hard work, study, and sacrifice, he was able to work his way to become the CEO of the family business Eucatex and GrandFood. Now, he uses his intelligence about business and proper leadership to propel his two companies to newer places. Using his background in engineering, Flavio has succeeded in bringing his companies into the 21st century with new systems of human development, technology, and strategy.

    GrandFood has enjoyed steady improvement, which is evident in their happy customers and healthy sales numbers. These sales continue to grow for the company as Flavio leads the industry with his vision and commitment to success. Eucatex is his other company that he leads. His employees respect him and often are inspired to new levels of productivity thanks to his own work ethic.

    Eucatex, led by Maluf, is all about sustainability. They believe in a better planet and a safe, eco-friendly future. Their materials, such as their laminated flooring, are made with this goal in mind. The company has initiated many recycling programs to help better the health of the planet’s ecosystem. In addition to recycling, they also implement social betterment programs. For example, the Foresty Administration is something that Maluf advocates on behalf of Eucatex. This helps protect the integrity of the world’s forests.

    In today’s world, it is rare to find a leader with such high integrity. Luckily, Flavio Maluf has this integrity and it shows through the way he leads his companies. He is committed to a better world today and into the future: protecting the planet and its people.  He’s also committed to furthering education, as he speaks on the subject quite often.  Usually Flavio talks about what technology can bring to the world of education.  Follow him on Twitter for all the subjects he covers.

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    Igor Cornelsen Shares His Basic Tactics For Investing And Banking In Brazil 

    Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian banker and investor who is committed to the education of the populace on Igor understands that many citizens of Brazil are a bit nervous about banking and investment, but he has created a set of four steps that will help people understand the banking industry better. This article briefly touches on these four steps in no particular order, and the advice that Igor on resume gives will help people feel more comfortable using their money to make money.

    #1: Brazil Has Many Large Banks

    Brazil is not devoid of large banks in any way. The country has ten large banks that include offerings from Citibank and Banco Itau. Each of the ten top banks in the country are great places to save money, start a checking account or invest money. Brazilians who are not sure where to go may visit any of the banks Igor Cornelsen on thestreet has promoted, and his promotion is a good word for each bank.

    #2: The New Finance Minister Will Help

    Brazil recently appointed a new finance minister, and the minister will likely help return the country what are considered normal business practices. Brazil was hit quite hard by the global financial crisis, and the country’s finance ministry did not do much to help. Igor Cornelsen wants all investors to understand that a new minister will help right some of the wrongs of the past.

    #3: Do Not Hedge On The Real

    Anyone who is hedging their bets on the real must take a closer look at how the markets have treated currency in Brazil. The currency appears to be a bit overvalued at the moment, and anyone who believes that their holdings are stronger for it must take a closer look. Investors who are fooled by the high value of the real will soon be disappointed when they discover that the real should not be quite as valuable it is right now. Wise investors take the value of the real at the moment with a grain of salt.

    #4: Brazil And China Are Linked

    Brazil and China are inextricably linked to one another via their economies. Anyone who is investing in Brazil must have a strong look at China to ensure that they understand how the Chinese economy is performing. There have been concerns about the performance of the Chinese economy recently, and Igor urges anyone reading his literature to understand China before investing.

    Igor Cornelsen is an investor who is committed to the education of people in Brazil who fear investment. He does not want people to avoid investment because of fear, and his four simple tips will make investment simple for anyone who want to begin using their own money to make just a bit more money.

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    Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Makes A Touchdown Online 

    Pittsburgh Steeler fans have something to shout about finally. They are getting a fashion upgrade from a fashion expert. The Steelers fans’ have asked for more fan favors in the form of fashion. The Steelers have answered their request. Now, fans of the football team are able to visit a website and deck themselves out with Steelers gear. Susan P. McGalla is the new Steelers director of strategic planning, and has big plans for the new website filled with the teams merchandise. Team Merchandise The newly launched website is the first stop for any Steelers fan wishing to get authentic team gear to wear around town and to the games. According to Susan P. McGalla, the website is a great way to shop for the latest team merchandise. The site includes jewelry made by big name designers and plenty of street gear with big team logo’s to flash to others while walking down the street or at a Pittsburgh Steelers game. McGalla is the right person to launch this new fashion campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her background is in retail, business, and marketing. McGalla is listening to the fans and giving them exactly what they want in team merchandise, logo’s, and team jewelry to wear. Susan McGalla Susan McGalla is an American business expert residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the director on wikinvest of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is an expert in the fashion industry. It was her sage knowledge and expertise in the field that led to her position with the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, Susan began her fashion career with American Eagle Outfielders. She worked in management with the organization for several years. She also served as the President of American Eagle for a period of time. Susan McGalla has a long and successful track-record in the fashion industry. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Previously CEO at Wet Seal. Held the position of Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan McGalla received her education at Mount Union College. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing.

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    Why Men Are Dressing Up Better Today? 

    The truth about men is that shopping in general is not exactly something they want to do. There are countless guys who find it difficult to shop at malls and deal with the stress involved, but there are countless guys who are finding that regular online shopping is the way to go. Countless guys are constantly trying to step up their fashion game, and doing so is much easier with the help of the Internet.

    Online shopping for men has shot up. An increase of nearly 17 percent has grown over the last five years. With the growth of men appearing on Instagram every single day wearing clothes that are up to date and fashionable, there is no shock that countless others are finding it worthwhile to step up their fashion game. Being well dressed is merely about choosing your clothes wisely. More and more studies are showing that guys are constantly looking for ways to buy better looking clothes online. More online stores are making it easier every single day to guys by providing easy online store experiences, free shipping, and a plethora of options to find what they want without the stress involved with going to a store.

    Paul Evans NY is an online professional store that is providing users with the chance and opportunity to get top notch italian shoes that are in demand and up to date. They have a wide variety of shoes in their list of shoes, and they are always looking for something new to offer. You can rely on Paul Evans to find both useful and fun to use products that you’re going to love. Dressing nicer has never been easier with the help of sites and companies like Paul Evans and their ever growing list of online programs.

    Through the power of online sites, you’ll find that shopping has never been so easy. I love shopping online every single day because of the wide array of choices that makes it more than easy to find different shoes for me. It’s hard to find shoes online, but Paul Evans NY is always coming out with new material and great products to use. Dressing up is always so much easier with the help of these types of stores that provide great clothes and shoes at the best prices. With online shopping, it has never been so easy to find what you need without hitting any outdoor malls.

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