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    Gooee LED Lighting Offers Variety 

    Did you just move into a home or an apartment? If you did, you are going to have to be concerned about your lighting needs. You will want to consider Gooee LED Lighting. Gooee LED Lighting has a lot of choices that you will be pleased with. All different sizes and shapes that can fit in with any type of lighting situation that you have.

    Gooee LED Lighting Is Fantastic

    You will find that your Gooee LED Lighting will last longer than the regular electric lights. For this reason alone, many people are turning to Gooee LED Lighting for their own needs. It is a solution that is worth looking into for many people.

    Shopping With Gooee LED Lighting

    When you want to get your Gooee LED Lighting, be sure to shop the sales. You will find that Gooee LED Lighting wants their customers to be happy, and from time to time, they offer sales on their products.

    The Gooee LED Lighting options are so great that people are telling their friends and family about them. They are pleased with the choices that they made through Gooee LED Lighting to keep their homes lit at all times. When they have guests over, people comment on their Gooee LED Lighting all the time. They recommend Gooee LED Lighting all the time when they have visitors.

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    Gooee IoT Lighting Offers More Options Than Any Other Kind Of Fixture 

    Gooee IoT lighting fixtures are so much more unique than any other lighting fixture on the market because they incorporate the kind of programming that most people are not familiar with. The concept of having lights that act on their own is a new one for many people, but Gooee has created lighting fixtures that will operate on their own, but they have to be monitored by a computer or control panel. They will do things that have only been seen in movies, and they will offer a type of lighting that is comforting to the eyes.

    The people who have lighting needs in an office must consider these lights because they are designed to function in a manner that is better than normal lights. They do not burn as hot, and they do not burn so bright that no one can look at them. They are set up on fixtures that can handle all the wiring and circuitry that is needed, and the bulbs do not need to be replaced that often. The combination of the technology and the good bulbs makes these fixtures last a very long time. The money that was invested in them is much more worth it than normal, and they will last so long that a lot of people will actually forget how much they paid for them. That is the power of using Gooee lighting with the LED lights they have chosen. The IoT lights make life better because they are kind to the eyes.

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    Working to Provide Educational Choice to All American Families 

    Dick DeVos is a well-known philanthropist, and along with his wife, Betsy, has had a positive impact on the educational lives of many children. I recently learned of them through their work at The American Federation of Children and the Alliance for School Choice. During the Spring of 2013, Mrs. DeVos sat down with the Philanthropy Magazine to discuss the work that she has done to improve education in the U.S. The interview sheds a lot of light on the overall situation of education choice, as well as the actions that the DeVos’s have taken to move this initiative forward.


    Betsy and her husband are very active in the world of philanthropy, and both sit on the Board of Directors of many well-established charitable organizations. They are also working for better education and school choice through their family foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The article that I recently read focused upon their work with school choice and the successes that they have enjoyed over the years in that area. This is the area of philanthropy that Betsy focuses upon, and in which she has been affecting positive change for decades.


    The DeVos’s first considered the importance of school choice in the 1990s after a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, when their children were school age. The realization that their children could, realistically, go to the school that best fit their needs, while other families had to sacrifice so much to provide a safe learning environment for their children, did not seem fair to Dick DeVos. From that time forward, they both have worked tirelessly to ensure that all families have a choice in their children’s education.


    Their work has been challenging, but also rewarding; one of the couple’s greatest success, according to Mrs. DeVos, is Florida. Their work there has spanned decades, and currently, there are 50,000 students attending their chosen school. In the interview, Betsy mentions that the tide has been slowly turning, and education choice has become more of a bipartisan issue. Mrs. DeVos points to the support that education choice initiatives are enjoying at the state level, and cites Louisiana as but one example where elected officials are working together across the aisle.


    Working for the ability of all families to provide a safe, public, education is but one of the DeVos family initiatives. You can learn more here.

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    Choosing The Right Hair Care Products Made Easy With Wen By Chaz 

    In the past it was often difficult to make a choice about which kind of shampoo and conditioner a woman would take into the shower when the issue of hair washing comes up. There are so many different choices to look at that we often all have difficulties working out what type of shampoo and conditioner we should use on a regular basis. deciding between products designed for fine, dry, oily, or frizzy hair can often be a difficult choice to make.
    Chaz Dean set out to make it easier than ever to get the perfect hair care products for any woman when he set about creating the hugely successful Wen By Chaz range of products. Over the course of his hair styling career Chaz Dean looked to develop his own studio where he can cater to the needs of his celebrity clients in a secluded location that also allows him the chance to develop an easy to use range of products under his own Wen brand name. He sells his products exclusively on Amazon.

    Instead of forcing customers to buy a large number of different bottles of shampoos and conditioners that must be used in combination to create the perfect look for the hair. The unique cleansing conditioner from Wen By Chaz is a five in one hair care product that can be used by people with all hair types to make it easier than ever to wash the hair for a shiny and elegant look. Visit their YouTube channel and watch product reviews and testimonials.

    Hair care experts giving advice to women who have not yet discovered the Wen By Chaz range still encourage their clients to look for individual shampoos and conditioners designed for their specific hair type. Women with oily hair have often had issues finding hair care products that do not add extra moisture or oils to the scalp and make the issues they face even more difficult to handle. Learn the secret.


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    IAP Worldwide is a Global Leader in Logistics Services 

    IAP Worldwide Services is a leading technology and logistics company. The company has services that cater to both private businesses and government organizations throughout the world. With this company, clients can request demanding tasks and have the done very efficiently. IAP is able to solve problems pertaining to infrastructure, technology and logistics within a very short timeframe. With a global network of integrated resources, IAP is able to help entities such as the United States Government accomplish any task that it needs done. Therefore IAP Worldwide Services is always prepared to meet any challenges that occur at any location worldwide.

    One of the main services that IAP Worldwide offers is Government services. The company is able to provide lots of support to the government in logistics, healthcare and also infrastructure. This company is able to assist both civilian and military agencies to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. It also provides the resources to support the United States government and its allies. Whether it is an airfield or a hospital, IAP will provide all of the accommodation that the government and its associates need.

    Read more:
    IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System
    IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

    Another service that IAP Worldwide offers is Expeditionary infrastructure. This company will provided non government organizations with the support they need to accomplish various tasks. IAP Worldwide helps a number of energy companies in remote locations by setting up infrastructure, providing construction and also assisting with disaster relief. With these services, clients of IAP will be able to get the assistance they need in order to more efficiently operate their facilities.

    With IAP Worldwide, a number of organizations will get assistance through power solutions. The company offers a number of power services to any entity that is looking to set up operations in remote locations. Since technology depends on electricity to work, IAP will put together the power facilities and management in order to make sure that various organizations can get the electricity they need in order to operate most efficiently.

    Information technology and communications is yet another service that IAP offers to its customers. Since technology is critical to completing many tasks such as operating machinery and storing data, IAP provides the best technology available to its customers. With a combination of support systems and advanced technology items, IAP is able to ensure that organizations use the most advanced technology to operate. As a result, IAP Worldwide has proven to be instrumental in helping many companies and government agencies maximize the benefits of the latest technology. 

    Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

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    TOWN Residential at the Height of NYC’s Real Estate News 

    From Tribeca to SOHO TOWN residential has is the talk of the town in 2016. Within a 70 day period, they achieved 200 sales transactions and 70 leasing transactions successfully. With half a billion dollars in total sales and leasing they have proven themselves to be the premier NYC residential real estate company.

    TOWN residential real estate focuses on luxury properties for sale or lease. They have a fully integrated system. There success can be attributed to their marketing savvy and their unprecedented distribution on line and in print. On you will find the most impressive listings for sale and for rent.

    Part of TOWN Residential’s success is due to having the best sales team. With hand-picked professionals that possess diverse talents and skill sets, they can’t lose. Their record shows this as being truth.

    According to the team, they’re success is due to the equal distribution of devotion on sales as well as new development marketing and leasing. This was quoted in their statement made on the LinkedIn company profile. They are a dynamic group of members who take leadership in the NYC real estate business very seriously. They have a proven record that just seems to get better and better each time around.

    The team believes in several core values. One is transparency of information given to the client. All facts and figures are revealed without question or issue. They also believe in neighborhood expertise. You see, you can’t possibly sell prime real estate without being a concierge of sorts. Buyers that spend good money are smart enough to weigh out fine details of the real property and the surrounding areas. To be a success as a company and a unit, you must not only possess knowledge but be an expert in the area that you are selling in.

    There is a difference in a purchase and an intelligent purchase. An intelligent purchase is when the buyer takes stock in their long-term investment. This means where there live means a lot to their lively hood, the people they meet and the people they work with as well as clients. Smart buyers expect you to be an expert in the areas that affect their lives.

    World-class customer service is the next core value they stand behind, though no less important than the other core values. What does this mean to them? It means superb communication and excellent timing. You have to not only answer questions but be predictive. This means knowing what each type of client wants and needs before they express it. How do they do that? By having some solid experience behind them. Since 2010 they hit the ground running and have grown in leaps and bounds ever since. They show no signs of stopping and have made other residential real estate companies pale in comparison.

    There is no greater show of success than hundreds of satisfied clients since the day they opened. Word of mouth spreads fast and they are here because of their following.

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    Dick DeVos’ Road to Leadership 

    Dick DeVos, the extremely wealthy owner of Amway, has had a long and successful career in both business and politics. Over the course of his career, Dick DeVos has gathered expertise in several different arenas. The executive has experience with owning and operating a business, running political campaigns, acting as a candidate in political campaigns, and even owning and operating sports franchises. Devos has stated that his many business ventures have helped to shape him into the person he has become. He believes that it is extremely important for young professionals to engage in a wide array of professional activities in order to ensure they are able to handle varying degrees of business management.


    During a recent interview with a prominent business and leadership magazine, Dick DeVos discussed the many ways that his business decisions had left a mark on his present day life. Devos began his career by taking control of Amway, a multi-level marketing supplier of household goods that was founded by his father, Dick Devos Sr. After being thoroughly prepared for the position by both his college business courses and his personal experience with working for the company in his youth, Dick DeVos was excited to add to the excellent company that his father had built. Within 5 years, Dick DeVos had led the company to tremendous success and had exceeded his personal expectations regarding his leadership of Amway.


    After the businessman had settled into his new leadership position at Amway, he decided to pursue other business and political opportunities. After attempting to partner with several companies as the head of leadership, DeVos finally established a credible partnership with a large equipment supplier in Michigan. This was the beginning of a long history of several successful business partnerships between Devos and other Michigan business owners.


    After merging with several local business owners, DeVos decided that he was interested in purchasing a local sporting franchise. The billionaire has owned both local professional sporting franchises and franchise in other states. DeVos’ most famous acquisition occurred when the billionaire purchased the Orlando Magic professional basketball franchise. Devos stated that he greatly enjoyed his time as the owner of the team and will always cherish his experience with this franchise. The business owner has also owned other professional sporting teams in Orlando and Michigan. Devos stated that his ownership of the sporting teams helped him to gain an interesting perspective regarding business relationships.


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    Investing in Venezuela 

    Venezuela is one of the largest economies in South America. It is an economy that is based around the price of oil, and many people are concerned about its future. In recent months, a lot of people have seen issues with the underlying economy. Not only are people losing their jobs, but real estate prices are going down as well. David Osio owns one of the largest real estate companies in the country. He has done a great job of building up a real estate company and managing his own investments. Many people living in the country today are concerned about the future. However, he is rapidly buying up as much property as he can in order to invest for the future. This is a great example of how he has built massive amounts of wealth in recent years.

    David Osio

    Venezuela is not an easy country to start a successful company in. However, after many years of hard work, he has done just that. A lot of people doubted that he would become successful in his life and business. However, David Osio just kept working and investing as much as possible. Over the long term, he has done a great job of building wealth and helping other people throughout the process. This is a testament to his work ethic and drive to succeed. Even in a down economy, he is still trying to build his business by investing in areas that need help. This is something that few other people would do.

    Real Estate

    Real estate investing is a lot harder than many people realize. This is especially true in a country like Venezuela where the economy is so volatile. The good news is that when the price of oil rebounds, the economy of the country will rebound as well. There are currently food riots going on because people do not have enough money to eat.

    In this current environment, many people would be nervous about investing for the future. However, David knows that this is the time to buy. With all of his cash on hand, he has been able to amass a lot of properties in the area. There are a lot of people who have looked up to his success in recent years. In a country that has struggled with the economy, he has been able to build a successful business and help others during the process.

    Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio1

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    What a Good Lip Balm Contains – and What it Leaves Out 

    Lip balms are used to prevent dryness, peeling and aging of the lips. They help to moisturize and protect the lips and are especially useful when they are applied before spending time in the sun or cold, dry air. Clear and tinted balms are available and their glossy appearance make it possible to wear them as a cosmetic product as well as skin protection.
    Choosing a lip balm can seem complex because of all of the options available. However, it is easy to narrow down the options when people choose from the brands that offer the products that are the best for their skin. A lip balm should offer some UV protection to shield the lips from the harmful rays of the sun. It should contain natural ingredients and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

    EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms are an example of a safe and natural product. The company uses natural flavorings and avoids petrolatum, parabens and phthalates to keep their balms as safe as possible. Their lip balms are also gluten-free and offer UVA/UVB protection. By adding nourishing ingredients like jojoba, Shea oil and Vitamin E the lip balm is able to make lips silky smooth.

    Evolution of Smooth is a privately owned company based in New York that was established in 2006. Their products have drawn praise for their natural, hypoallergenic ingredients and their bright, instantly recognizable packaging. The brand is known for the sumptuous flavors and scents they include in all of their products. The company currently offers shave cream, hand and body lotion and their popular line of lip balm. EOS products are sold on Walmart and can be bought online on Amazon.

    Visit their website:



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    The Impact of TOWN Residential on the New York Community 

    Most of the large-scale real estate developments that were proposed in June of 2016 for New York City, included massive office projects, the biggest of these projects being the project by Yisman Speyer for nearly 1 million square-foot project located in Long Island City. Following the proposal, developers had filed permits for the One and Three Gotham Center and the two connected towers, and in May of this year, it made its largest project that has been proposed to the city during this time. The second biggest project is the Thor Equitie, with the biggest project being a 103-square foot office development on the Red Hook’s waterfront located at 270 Richards Street. The locations for the top 10 projects include 28-10 Queens Plaza South in Queens, 270 Richards Street in Brooklyn, 21 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, 22 Chapel Street in Brooklyn, 2956 Park Avenue in the Bronx, 413 West 18th Street in Manhattan, 12 East 48th Street in Manhattan, 37-12 Prince Street in Queens, 827 Broadway in Manhattan, and 43 West 47 Street in Manhattan.

    In just a short five years, TOWN Residential has been able to cement its position as the foremost luxury real estate services firm in New York. This success has come through the firm’s seamless execution of its best-in-class customer service provided through its unparalleled representatives team and exhilarating foundation. As an integral part in the New York real estate landscape, the areas that TOWN Residential team specializes in includes leasing, luxury residential sales, marketing, leasing and sales of property developments and retail and commercial sales. The firm has established a new standard of excellence in it’s industry as a result of its uncompromising principles.

    At the core of this successful company, is the team of the professionals who each possess an unsurpassed knowledge and experience of the industry. TOWN Residential also owes much success to it’s unique culture and winning formula, that has brought many accolades to the residential real estate community. Also, as a result of unrivaled support, the representatives of TOWN are industry leaders that provide unprecedented level of expertise and service to clients.

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