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    The Success of Darius Fisher’s Company 

    Every person doing business has a laid out plan. They have individual objectives to meet to ensure their business is a success. Once a person meets the set objectives, they always have some specific decisions and actions that they believe enabled them to achieve their goals. At most times these little things are referred to as ‘secrets of success’. If you ask a lot of the people who have made it in life, they all will tell you some of their secrets.

    Darius Fisher is a successful entrepreneur and is the brain behind Status Labs. His company deals with developing business plans for their customers to solve their technology issues. They connect with their clients using various means including social accounts. They serve a broad range of people from several fields of business. These customers include politicians, CEOs, and athletes among other high-end clients. They help the clients to reintroduce themselves on social platforms may be due to an incident that may have a spoilt reputation.

    Fisher’s career began with him working as a political advisor. He helped politicians all over California concerning how to conduct campaigns and sell their policies to the people. During this time, he was also a copywriter. In his early days, Darius had always wanted to become a pro baseball player. His opinion about employing himself led to him leaving other plans and setting up his company.

    Fisher says that the most valuable piece of advice he has ever got or given someone is that one should always look for the fastest means to get the dough. He enjoys being his master because he can travel around and enjoy himself without having someone on your case. His company is present in more than 35 countries and therefore his travels can be understood.

    Status Labs has helped countless of well-known people to clean up their names. It is, therefore, surprising to know that their certain clients who are rejected due to their issues being too hot to handle. The company ensures that they clean up any unwanted information on their customers on all search engines and replacing it with info that the customers want to see.

    Darius says that although some people may want to criticize their job, there are two sides of every coin, and maybe their customers are the ones being misjudged. He says that the greatest wrong prominent people do to put up their private information online since it makes them vulnerable to such online humiliation. Status Labs continues to thrive as it seeks to clean up after successful people.

    More information for Darius Fisher:


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    Yeonmi Park: The Tale of a Defector 

    The best way to learn about life perspectives is to hear about them from people who have different experiences. Yeonmi Park, a former North Korean civilian who fled the country, can be a good example of this.
    Yeonmi Park’s story involves the struggle to overcome odds, but in the typical way in which many people think. Park’s story involves fleeing her home country of North Korea, in an attempt that was ultimately successful and to learn what true freedom was like. It began with seeing her father imprisoned for crimes against North Korean society and this is part of what prompted Park and her family to leave the country, fighting against starvation, exposure and betrayal along the way. In her Amazon released autobiography “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” Park recounts the story of her and her family’s escape from the country in March of 2007 and using any means necessary to be free, eventually making their way to South Korea. This story, however, has left a bad impression of current leader Kim Jong-Un, who has issued propaganda claiming that Park is a foreign agent, a claim that Park hints as a cover for the true brutality of the regime she once lived under.

    Park was originally from the Hyesan district of North Korea, with her father working as a civil servant for the Workers Party and her mother working as a nurse for the North Korean Army. Though her life was simple and somewhat privileged at first, the family began encountering struggles as she got older, one example being her father’s imprisonment after he was accused of illegal insider trading. Between this and seeing true love on a pirated movie, the family was inspired to leave North Korea and the oppression of Kim Jong-Il’s government. The family first crossed the border into neighboring China in 2007, and managed to make their way to Mongolia with the aid of human traffickers. The family fought hard and settled in South Korea some time later, and though her father initially joined he passed away of colon cancer eventually. Original story posted on The Reason.

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    Hire Talk Fusion To Increase Your Clint Base 

    Talk Fusion has introduced the art of using short videos for businesses to offer their products and services to the public using newsletters and emails. Seeing and listening to a short video will capture the readers’ attention. The information is clearly received by all the mobile electronic devices of the 21st century. People quickly scan and don’t read the emails and newsletters they receive. The prospective customers can fill out a simple form and submit their information to the company.

    The video teleconferences come alive with the added visual stimulus of watching an informative video. The information is easily absorbed, retained and entertaining.

    Talk Fusion provides an experienced group of people to help with developing ideas for business products and services. The imaginations of the artists, the marketing experts, and the IT departments will bring the businesses ideas to fruition.

    The small and large businesses, nonprofit organizations and the work at home set, will benefit from using the services of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is represented in more than 140 countries to help businesses to become successful.

    Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007 and is the founder and CEO of the company. The privately owned Advertising and Marketing firm are based in Brandon, Florida. He designed and developed a direct seller’s program and the commissions are paid immediately. Talk Fusion’s Instant Pay Compensation Plan was the first to be introduced to the nation.

    Bob Reina developed a free trial system for business owners to try before they buy any of the products. Reina is an animal lover and enjoys giving back and helping communities using videos to share their messages with the world. He uses his insight, experience and imagination to supply businesses with the right tools to boost their client base and profits.

    Learn more about Reina:

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    Kate Hudson Adds New Clothing To Athleisure Line 

    In an interview with Fabletics co-founder and spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, she exclaims her excitement over the brands new additions. They have introduced a line of dresses, along with a line of swimwear to this athleisure website. With athleisure being a growing trend in the United States, Fabletics offers one of the widest varieties of athletic wear and now, athletic dresses and swimwear that are so versatile, they can fit any occasion. She discusses what having these new products means for Fabletics customers.

    Marie Claire, a popular fashion trend magazine conducted the interview with celebrity Kate Hudson, who described the new dresses as every lazy gals dream. Dressing up can be a lot of work but these new dresses fit any event. They are made with a soft, stretchy stylistic mayoral that makes it easy to wear without spanx. They look fashion forward and current, sleek and romantic in a way. They are adorable and perfect for having that fashionable look while remaining in your comfort zone. The swimwear line on is that same athletic material but has support in all the places you need it, while making a fashion statement with lots of strappy, bold looks.

    Fabletics has found great success since athleisure has become somewhat of a lifestyle. Athleisure is so trendy and comfortable, it becomes your go to look. And now, with the dresses and swimwear, it can pretty much supplement that part of your wardrobe. Athleisure is so comfortable, yet so high in cost. Fabletics allows their customers to look and feel great while offering their products at a very reasonable cost. You can subscribe to receive different products once per month or you can create a login and buy at your own athleisure. Since Kate Hudson starting promoting the company, Fabletics has become very successful and desirable. Competitors who have athleisure lines on tend to have high, unaffordable prices so having Fabletics available is a dream come true for athleisure addicts everywhere. 

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    Assisted Living at Manse on Mash San Luis Obispo, CA 

    Assisted living centers have become an integral part of many modern societies. Many people often are faced with the challenge or the dilemma of how and where to spend their old days after retirement. The idea of having a facility to help the senior members of the society live decently, joyously and with respect is what Chris Skiff had in mind when founding The Manse on Mash. This facility located on the central coast of California, Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, provides adequate, passionate and dignified support for the elderly. They provide services which are tailored towards meeting individual needs of their customers.

    Services Provided by Manse on Marsh

    The primary object of the facility is to provide home and care for the elderly. They aspire to give the senior members of the society an opportunity to bloom and enjoy their old days gracefully. In their effort to do this, they have recruited a competent, loving, caring and welcoming staff. Their employees create an exceptional environment for the elderly to get assisted living needs.

    There is much that they offer to make the life of their clients perfectly comfortable. They have designed a series of physical activities to ensure that their customers stay fit and healthy. This involves sporting activities and workouts like yoga. Their housekeeping activities are excellent and standard. Clients are offered right bedding facilities, laundry and linen services. Dining services too are perfect. Their customers have the choice of taking shared meals or are served in their private rooms. Also, they can prepare their meals personally in their in-house kitchen.

    Their residential apartments are neat and decent. They are strategically located in an area with proximity to shops, restaurants, churches hospitals, library, and coffee houses. The apartments have adequate parking for both their residents and visitors. They allow guests to stay overnight with their loved ones. Also, the facility organizes a series of outdoor activities like parties and get together for their residents. There is enough room and space for individuals to hold their parties and other functions.

    Residents have the opportunity to attend lectures, book discussions, and other educational activities. For pet lovers, they have a rare opportunity to get in with their lovely pets. They provide transport for their residents including bus services. It’s good to note that the facility allows for temporary residences for customers who are not willing to be there for long.

    The cost of their services is competitive and friendly to their clients. They charge entry fee ranging from $2700 to $5700 monthly. However, they charge other additional levies for other special needs and care. Also, veteran residents are offered discounts for their extended stay in the facility.  Contact them through their website.

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    Michael Zomber: The All-Time Weapons Expert 


    History can never be re written the best we can do is re live history and try to experience what transpired. History is written by bloodshed and tears the two world wars are a perfect example of how wars played a very important role in defining history. Michael Zomber is an antique weapons expert who has handled different weapons that have been used in different conflicts. He has a wide collection of various pieces of weapons and can comfortably tell the tale behind the weapons and the people who used them. He has a perfect command of English both written and spoken which he has used to narrate different life events that happened in the past.

    His collection of antique weapons includes dueling pistols and the Samurai swords that were used by the Japanese and Chinese elite soldiers. Apart from restoring these antique weapons he has supplied various pieces to be used in the production of educational movies. He was prominently featured in the National Geographic channel as a dueling pistol expert in its tales of the gun series. Michael Zomber helps people to understand and appreciate the origin of various arms and in what disputes that there were used. Although weapons were used as a source of misery and enslavement some people took arms to defend themselves and what they stood for. In understanding their origins we can better restrict the use of weapons and the role that they play in our day to day lives.

    Using his vast historical back ground Michael Zomber has written many screenplays his latest being Shogun Lemitsu which is set in ancient Japan. The book is centered upon the Samurai code of honor and battle. This book is a clear indication that Michael Zomber is the all time Samurai expert. Although he owns and operates various antique fire arms he is the opposite of a gun totting citizen. He is painfully aware of the grief and misery that has been caused by violence. He does not condone any form of violence and is an avid sponsor and follower of peace encouraging initiatives such as UNICEF. His only fascination is the role and the great men who weld these weapons such as George Washington and Alexander the Great.

    He has put his story telling skills to good use writing several novels which are set either during the Wild West era or the medieval times.  He’s also produced several documentaries as well, including one about Bushido.

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    Madison Street Capital Focus Significant Assets on Emerging Markets 

    Madison Street Capital is an investment-banking firm that operates on global platforms. The firm is known for its commitment, excellence, leadership, and service delivery. The company specializes in corporate advisory, asset management, financial opinions, valuation services, mergers, and acquisition expertise. Madison Street Capital products and services are designed to position clients to succeed in the global market. One distinguishing characteristic of Madison Street Capital is the fact that client’s objectives are treated as the company goals. Each client is viewed as true businesses partners. Thus, the firm must take the time to understand and analyze customers need.


    Another unique feature of Madison Street Capital is it views on emerging market as core components driving global economies. The firm has continued to focus vast resources on these markets. Due to an unwavering dedication to professionalism and reliability, Madison Street Capital has earned trust from the business community and established extensive network relationship.


    Although the company provides financial opinions to major companies in the world, in greater extent Madison Street focus in collaborating with middle –market companies. The firm helps them navigate complicated transactions and achieve the best possible outcome. The firm arranges for appropriate financing structure, match buyers and sellers, and create capitalization structure that optimizes clients’ potential. Madison Street Capital professionals guide clients in decision-making and emerging options through provision of sophisticated expertise from initial engagement through closing.


    Madison Street Capital has adopted a global view that enriches local business with global networks. The company vast experience and understanding concerning independence and corporate governance, is a major reason as to why Madison Street Capital is leading provider of M&A assistance, financial advisory services, and valuations. Over the years, the firm has help hundreds of clients across different industries reach their goals in timely and effective manner.


    Over the years Madison Street Capital has won various awards, the company was announced as the finalist in the 14th Annual M&A Advisors Awards in 2015. Recently, the firm was named as the finalist in the 8th Annual International M&A Awards. The company believes in corporate governance and on several occasions, it has availed its top executives to give talks in seminars, conferences, and major universities.

    Learn more:

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    What Tarnishes Your Online Reputation and How to Fix It 

    Cyberbullying is an act that not only claims high schoolers as victims, but is a crime that ruins the reputation of businesses online each day. One dissatisfied consumer has the ability to influence the opinion of people they have never met just by accessing the internet. As a result, it is crucial to regularly maintain your business reputation and adjust it accordingly with the aid of online reputation management services.

    Listen to Reviews

    Unhappy consumers often foreshadow more serious events to come. Social media reviews explaining their concerns are regularly left by these consumers. Failure for a business owner or manager to respond to this feedback with constructive, understanding, and positive information can result in the consumer escalating their actions. A simple Facebook review that receives no reply can turn into entire web pages bashing your business and staff. As those web pages continue to receive views, they grow in popularity and begin to be the top results generated by search engines. To reduce the risk of this happening, it is crucial to maintain a personalized approach to your online public by listening to their comments and adjusting your business consequently.

    The Unavoidable Scandal

    Universities, businesses, corporations, and celebrities often have their names affiliated with scandals. As quickly as these unsavory events happen, they become part of internet culture only to never be erased. Though your PR team works tirelessly to reduce the presence the scandal has in everyday life, the internet continues to mercilessly publish the information. In order to defend your online reputation, it is crucial to invest in a company offering services that change the way people are able to search the internet. is a company offering services that improve the online reputation of a multitude of businesses. With digital strategy, search expertise, mobile optimization, and content creation, Fix Search Results ensures that your business exposure is positive and relevant to your company. A little negativity never hurt anyone, but the continuous burden of having to disprove rumors is truly detrimental to a business. Online reputation management services keep the business world afloat in this technologically advanced world.

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    Solo Capital’s Founder Sanjay Shah Continues To Find Success 

    Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Limited, which is controlled by Solo Group Holding. Aesa S.a.r.l., another company owned by Sanjay, acts as a manager for Solo Capital as well as many other companies that Sanjay owns. Sanjay’s enthusiasm for business can be seen by how committed he is to his business ventures in a wide range of different areas. Through his hard work and brilliance, he manages to lead each of his endeavors to success. It is believed that Sanjay owns more than 30 different companies in different locations, such as London, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Malta.

    Before finding his business pursuits, Sanjay started off training to become a medical doctor. He decided to give it up and switch to accounting because he believed the profession was not for him. He has worked at several investment banks as an accountant, such as Morgan Stanly, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. It was in 2009 that he planned to make his own company, which led to the founding of Solo Capital.

    Sanjay also went on to create Autism Rocks, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness on a global scale to people about autism. This association was made in hopes to raise enough finances to fund quality research for autism. In 2011, they performed their first rock concert when Sanjay son was diagnosed with the disorder.

    Solo Capital is a boutique investments, trading and consulting company that provides financial services to clients internationally. The company is based out of London, England and was founded in late 2011. It also goes by Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The firm provides leading industry services in consulting and proprietary trading, with heavy investments in professional sports.

    Solo Capital’s proven and experienced management is seen by their huge accomplishments in a relatively short amount of time. The firm has amassed a wealth of more than $30 million with global assets close to $70 million within four years.

    Learn more about Sanjay Shah:

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    Beneful Dry Dog Food And Treats For Your Pet 

    Beneful is a dog food brand manufactured by the PurinaStore Pet Care company. It is considered a premium quality dog food and undergoes strict quality control measures. Most major supermarkets and discount stores will carry the Purina brand in their pet aisle. Dry dog food, wet dog food ( and dog treats are sold under the Beneful brand. I discuss some of the different dog food products that Beneful has to offer below.
    One of Beneful’s most highly rated dog food products is its dry dog food originals with real salmon. This kibble sized dog food food is rich in omega fatty acids and is a completely balanced nutritional dog food. The high omega fatty acid content promotes a shiny coat, healthy skin and stamina. It is made with salmon and contains hints of sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. The originals with real salmon dry dog food comes in small, medium and large bulk sized bags.

    Beneful‘s incredibites with real chicken is a dry dog food that is specially tailored for small dogs. The kibbles are sized appropriately so small dogs can easily chew and digest this completely balanced nutritional dog food. It is made with chicken and contains hints of spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes. Inredibites with real chicken comes in 3.5, 6.3 and 15.5 pound bags.

    Beneful healthy smile dental ridges is a dog treat that helps clean your dogs teeth as they snack on the treat. It comes in mini, small, medium and large treat sizes so you can select a dog treat that is right for your dog’s mouth. The treat has a savory meat filled interior and is flavored with real parsley that will help freshen your dogs breath as he chews through the treat. Healthy smile dental ridges are sold in 7.4 or 8.4 ounce pouches.

    Another Beneful dog treat ( is the healthy smile dental twist. Like the dental ridges this treat helps fight plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth. The healthy smile dental twist comes in peanut butter flavor and also contains parsley. It is available in mini, small, medium and large treat sizes.



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