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    Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner- A Review by Emily McClure 

    Emily McClure recently reviewed the Wen hair by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner in an article originally published on Emily McClure is a hair and beauty fanatic that had heard many mixed opinions on this product and wanted to try it for herself. During her seven-day trial of the sephora fig version of Wen hair product, she found that it provided her hair with many benefits. When she utilized this product in her shower prior to styling her hair, there was a noticeable difference in how shiny and thick her hair appeared. She noted the very first time that she utilized the product that her hair immediately felt thicker while rinsing the product after the first use. After seven days of consistently utilizing this product, Emily concluded that it is a great option for those who have fine hair. She does, however, recommend that consumers utilize this product during their morning shower prior to styling their hair for the day for the best results.
    Wen hair by Chaz [] is a hair care product line that offers products made utilizing natural ingredients such as soy, lavender, sweet almond oil, and other botanical extracts. The Wen Hair Care product line has everything you need to cleanse, treat, repair, and boost the health of your hair. WEN hair by Chaz products can be bought in the basic kit which contains three of their products or the deluxe kit which contains all five of their products. There is also ReMoist travel kit for those looking to access the benefits of Wen by Chaz products on the go. To learn more about these products check out their website at and order yours today!

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    Lustgarten, Investment Banking Master Mind 

    Martin Lustgarten, an investment banking expert and CEO from Florida. He is an Austrian and Venezuelan citizen, whose citizenship he leverages to help his clients for decades. He helps his clients achieve their retirement goals. He helps develop their business, initiates stock sales and as well educates them not only on the value of securities and stock options but also how investment banking works and the services it offers to the public.
    Martin is an international investor who has always desired to succeed at high-level right from an early start in business. He spreads his wealth to several countries to allow him to limit risks while benefiting from local growth. Lustgarten is very keen to respond to the market fluctuations and as well spot trends promptly, which earns him his great investment reputation, making him a great role model for many investors around the globe. Over time, he has developed an investment selling network to his clients.
    There are however many challenges attached to investment banking; it’s not a walk in the park. There is a very high demand for excellence in services rendered by experts to their clients since they pay for, failure to which they get so much disappointed. It calls for both intellectual smartness and the ability to relate and co-exist with others. It’s intensively demanding, with a lot of pressure and workers and clients, having long nights and hard work, which many people have given up on, but on the contra, Martin enjoys his work and loves making a difference in people’s lives. So as to expand your wealth, it’s important to keep a diverse international portfolio and, for the best retirement, consistently follow martin’s incredible collection.

    As a CEO, Martin has overseen a variety of many investment plans from various industries in which he takes pleasure in exploiting new opportunities and researching their histories. He recommends paying off credit card debt and other bills before making investments in the markets. His success in the industry is because he knows what one needs to develop and build a career and business.
    Besides his successful career, Martin Lustgarten likes traveling, collecting vintage timepieces and trades in vintage watches, he’s an accomplished juggler, active in social media and up to date on all global political and economic events. Follow Martin on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and information.

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    Securus Technologies Releases a New Version of the THREADS Software. 

    Securus Technologies one the best firms that provide technology solutions for institutions that deal with crime and justice to help in the investigation, monitoring, and correction services. The company’s main offices are located in Dallas, Texas. More than 3400 correctional institutions based in North America, which have a population of about 1.2 million inmates, gain from the services of the company. Products from Securus Technologies are designed to offers solutions such as investigation, biometric examination, communication, monitoring information, incident control, emergency response, and self-service for inmates. The firm has committed itself to offer high-quality software solutions, and the kind of technological programs that it develops are incredibly unmatchable. This is made possible by the experts employed by the company, which include designers, technologists, and engineers. The customer service offered by the firm is unmatchable and it the best in the communication industry.
    Securus Technologies recently announce the launch of the THREADS 3.1 which is the most superior and comprehensive “Big Data” examination instrument in the United States’ inmate communication sector. The improved product from Securus’ original Investigative Solutions program enable the users to upgrade to an interface that allows them to use the latest technologies based on the Internet, while maintaining the regular rigorous and familiar analytical tools.

    The new version of the THREADS makes it easier for users to comprehend and use as well as makes the performance of the system better. According to a briefing from Securus’ General Manager of the Business Management section, Kelly Solid, the new program’s interface has been streamlined, redundant system actions have been eliminated to make navigation easier, and it has search capabilities. This has led to an improved performance that gives incredible experience to the user.

    The software platform of the new 3.1 version’s Silverlight has been upgraded to HTML 5 and makes integration with other company products such as Secure Call Platform possible. The new version also gives investigator practical tool that they can use in their undertakings. The company has taken its time to come up with a program that does not require a lot of training and offers reliable intelligence for investigators.

    Other newly added properties of the THREADS 3.1 include the listening to SCP calls on the THREADS software, personalized mapping and printing, information-sensitive reports, and controlled real-time analysis. THREADS has been the best investigative software for detecting and reporting inmate calling patterns, communication events, associations, and correlations that look suspicious.

    Watch the Youtube campaign to learn more:

    Read more:


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    SEC Whistleblower attorney 

    Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enacted in 2010 was a dawn for corporate whistleblowing. The act responded to the growing need for individuals to report securities violations by companies. It provides an avenue for individuals to do so without fear of discrimination. The law is a protection mechanism for anyone who volunteers to give Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) information. The act is responsive to the process and the repercussions of informing against your employer.

    Essentially, the whistleblower must have knowledge of the violation or have evidence of a possible breach. The SEC investigates to determine the veracity of the claims. Whenever the information provided by the informant is found useful to the investigation, the person is eligible for a token of appreciation usually in monetary terms. Currently, the person is entitled to 10-30% of the instituted penalty. The SEC also provides for anonymous reporting, and once your identity becomes public knowledge, the SEC intervenes to ensure that the employer does not victimize the person.

    However, the choice to disclose confidential company information to third parties and most importantly the SEC is not easy and can get murky. Law firms specializing in whistleblowing services are becoming important to persons of interest in such matters. The individual needs a guarantee that he or she will not be victimized. Companies have been known to fire, deny compensation, deny pension, demote, be hostile or even harm whistleblowers. An informant requires an attorney to represent him throughout the process to protect his or her interests.

    Such law firms offering this service have a responsibility to educate the person about his or her role, what is expected of him or her and more importantly about the implications of his actions. While the law provides an ideal situation, whistleblowers often encounter subtle to obvious repercussions of being a mole to their employers. In Some cases, companies choose to terminate contractual engagement with the informant. Legal battles may ensue to safeguard the interests of the person and only then does the person know how important it is to have legal representation from the start.

    While legal representation is necessary, having quality legal representation is important because most companies involved in federal law violations keep an army of top lawyers to represent them in such situations. The choice of the right attorney can determine if someone will forever regret ever being an informant or feeling good to have defended the public from possible fraud or violations.

    Learn more:

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    Jay Jay Eats Beneful Dog Food Daily and Has a Shiny Coat 

    I have a black lab border collie mix named Jay Jay. Jay Jay is the best dog I have owned in my entire life. Jay Jay has been on Beneful dog food her whole life and she has always been happy and healthy. My dog prior to Jay Jay had problems with every dog food that I put her on during her lifetime. Right after my prior dog passed away I found out about Beneful through a person I follow on twitter and thought I would try it for Jay Jay when I got her as a puppy. The first type of Beneful dog food that I had Jay Jay on was the Amazon best seller Beneful Originals. There are three different flavors real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. Jay Jay mainly ate the real beef flavor due to the fact that she just seems to love that flavor over the other ones even though she will eat any flavor I set in front of her. Occasionally I feed Jay Jay Beneful chopped blends because I know how much she loves to eat all kinds of food. Beneful chopped blends is one of the many wet dog food types that Beneful makes. I also give Jay Jay Beneful treats to reward her when she has been good or even when I simply need to get her in the house. Usually to reward Jay Jay I give her Beneful heartful dog treats ( but I also give Jay Jay Beneful dental ridges to keep her teeth clean and healthy. I give her a dental ridge after she eats her food. makes the greatest dog food I have ever come across and I will never give another dog anything but Beneful for as long as I live. I not only feel confident about the dog food I feed Jay Jay but when I notice any of my friends or family members dogs having a problem with their food I recommend they try Beneful. Many of my family members and friends have actually switched their dog’s food to Beneful because Jay Jay has such a beautiful coat and has always been so healthy. Beneful not only will make you and your dog feel good but it will also make your dog look good. When dogs get all the right nutrients they also have a clean shiny coat.


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    The Success of Darius Fisher’s Company 

    Every person doing business has a laid out plan. They have individual objectives to meet to ensure their business is a success. Once a person meets the set objectives, they always have some specific decisions and actions that they believe enabled them to achieve their goals. At most times these little things are referred to as ‘secrets of success’. If you ask a lot of the people who have made it in life, they all will tell you some of their secrets.

    Darius Fisher is a successful entrepreneur and is the brain behind Status Labs. His company deals with developing business plans for their customers to solve their technology issues. They connect with their clients using various means including social accounts. They serve a broad range of people from several fields of business. These customers include politicians, CEOs, and athletes among other high-end clients. They help the clients to reintroduce themselves on social platforms may be due to an incident that may have a spoilt reputation.

    Fisher’s career began with him working as a political advisor. He helped politicians all over California concerning how to conduct campaigns and sell their policies to the people. During this time, he was also a copywriter. In his early days, Darius had always wanted to become a pro baseball player. His opinion about employing himself led to him leaving other plans and setting up his company.

    Fisher says that the most valuable piece of advice he has ever got or given someone is that one should always look for the fastest means to get the dough. He enjoys being his master because he can travel around and enjoy himself without having someone on your case. His company is present in more than 35 countries and therefore his travels can be understood.

    Status Labs has helped countless of well-known people to clean up their names. It is, therefore, surprising to know that their certain clients who are rejected due to their issues being too hot to handle. The company ensures that they clean up any unwanted information on their customers on all search engines and replacing it with info that the customers want to see.

    Darius says that although some people may want to criticize their job, there are two sides of every coin, and maybe their customers are the ones being misjudged. He says that the greatest wrong prominent people do to put up their private information online since it makes them vulnerable to such online humiliation. Status Labs continues to thrive as it seeks to clean up after successful people.

    More information for Darius Fisher:


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    Yeonmi Park: The Tale of a Defector 

    The best way to learn about life perspectives is to hear about them from people who have different experiences. Yeonmi Park, a former North Korean civilian who fled the country, can be a good example of this.
    Yeonmi Park’s story involves the struggle to overcome odds, but in the typical way in which many people think. Park’s story involves fleeing her home country of North Korea, in an attempt that was ultimately successful and to learn what true freedom was like. It began with seeing her father imprisoned for crimes against North Korean society and this is part of what prompted Park and her family to leave the country, fighting against starvation, exposure and betrayal along the way. In her Amazon released autobiography “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” Park recounts the story of her and her family’s escape from the country in March of 2007 and using any means necessary to be free, eventually making their way to South Korea. This story, however, has left a bad impression of current leader Kim Jong-Un, who has issued propaganda claiming that Park is a foreign agent, a claim that Park hints as a cover for the true brutality of the regime she once lived under.

    Park was originally from the Hyesan district of North Korea, with her father working as a civil servant for the Workers Party and her mother working as a nurse for the North Korean Army. Though her life was simple and somewhat privileged at first, the family began encountering struggles as she got older, one example being her father’s imprisonment after he was accused of illegal insider trading. Between this and seeing true love on a pirated movie, the family was inspired to leave North Korea and the oppression of Kim Jong-Il’s government. The family first crossed the border into neighboring China in 2007, and managed to make their way to Mongolia with the aid of human traffickers. The family fought hard and settled in South Korea some time later, and though her father initially joined he passed away of colon cancer eventually. Original story posted on The Reason.

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    Hire Talk Fusion To Increase Your Clint Base 

    Talk Fusion has introduced the art of using short videos for businesses to offer their products and services to the public using newsletters and emails. Seeing and listening to a short video will capture the readers’ attention. The information is clearly received by all the mobile electronic devices of the 21st century. People quickly scan and don’t read the emails and newsletters they receive. The prospective customers can fill out a simple form and submit their information to the company.

    The video teleconferences come alive with the added visual stimulus of watching an informative video. The information is easily absorbed, retained and entertaining.

    Talk Fusion provides an experienced group of people to help with developing ideas for business products and services. The imaginations of the artists, the marketing experts, and the IT departments will bring the businesses ideas to fruition.

    The small and large businesses, nonprofit organizations and the work at home set, will benefit from using the services of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is represented in more than 140 countries to help businesses to become successful.

    Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007 and is the founder and CEO of the company. The privately owned Advertising and Marketing firm are based in Brandon, Florida. He designed and developed a direct seller’s program and the commissions are paid immediately. Talk Fusion’s Instant Pay Compensation Plan was the first to be introduced to the nation.

    Bob Reina developed a free trial system for business owners to try before they buy any of the products. Reina is an animal lover and enjoys giving back and helping communities using videos to share their messages with the world. He uses his insight, experience and imagination to supply businesses with the right tools to boost their client base and profits.

    Learn more about Reina:

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    Kate Hudson Adds New Clothing To Athleisure Line 

    In an interview with Fabletics co-founder and spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, she exclaims her excitement over the brands new additions. They have introduced a line of dresses, along with a line of swimwear to this athleisure website. With athleisure being a growing trend in the United States, Fabletics offers one of the widest varieties of athletic wear and now, athletic dresses and swimwear that are so versatile, they can fit any occasion. She discusses what having these new products means for Fabletics customers.

    Marie Claire, a popular fashion trend magazine conducted the interview with celebrity Kate Hudson, who described the new dresses as every lazy gals dream. Dressing up can be a lot of work but these new dresses fit any event. They are made with a soft, stretchy stylistic mayoral that makes it easy to wear without spanx. They look fashion forward and current, sleek and romantic in a way. They are adorable and perfect for having that fashionable look while remaining in your comfort zone. The swimwear line on is that same athletic material but has support in all the places you need it, while making a fashion statement with lots of strappy, bold looks.

    Fabletics has found great success since athleisure has become somewhat of a lifestyle. Athleisure is so trendy and comfortable, it becomes your go to look. And now, with the dresses and swimwear, it can pretty much supplement that part of your wardrobe. Athleisure is so comfortable, yet so high in cost. Fabletics allows their customers to look and feel great while offering their products at a very reasonable cost. You can subscribe to receive different products once per month or you can create a login and buy at your own athleisure. Since Kate Hudson starting promoting the company, Fabletics has become very successful and desirable. Competitors who have athleisure lines on tend to have high, unaffordable prices so having Fabletics available is a dream come true for athleisure addicts everywhere. 

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    Assisted Living at Manse on Mash San Luis Obispo, CA 

    Assisted living centers have become an integral part of many modern societies. Many people often are faced with the challenge or the dilemma of how and where to spend their old days after retirement. The idea of having a facility to help the senior members of the society live decently, joyously and with respect is what Chris Skiff had in mind when founding The Manse on Mash. This facility located on the central coast of California, Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, provides adequate, passionate and dignified support for the elderly. They provide services which are tailored towards meeting individual needs of their customers.

    Services Provided by Manse on Marsh

    The primary object of the facility is to provide home and care for the elderly. They aspire to give the senior members of the society an opportunity to bloom and enjoy their old days gracefully. In their effort to do this, they have recruited a competent, loving, caring and welcoming staff. Their employees create an exceptional environment for the elderly to get assisted living needs.

    There is much that they offer to make the life of their clients perfectly comfortable. They have designed a series of physical activities to ensure that their customers stay fit and healthy. This involves sporting activities and workouts like yoga. Their housekeeping activities are excellent and standard. Clients are offered right bedding facilities, laundry and linen services. Dining services too are perfect. Their customers have the choice of taking shared meals or are served in their private rooms. Also, they can prepare their meals personally in their in-house kitchen.

    Their residential apartments are neat and decent. They are strategically located in an area with proximity to shops, restaurants, churches hospitals, library, and coffee houses. The apartments have adequate parking for both their residents and visitors. They allow guests to stay overnight with their loved ones. Also, the facility organizes a series of outdoor activities like parties and get together for their residents. There is enough room and space for individuals to hold their parties and other functions.

    Residents have the opportunity to attend lectures, book discussions, and other educational activities. For pet lovers, they have a rare opportunity to get in with their lovely pets. They provide transport for their residents including bus services. It’s good to note that the facility allows for temporary residences for customers who are not willing to be there for long.

    The cost of their services is competitive and friendly to their clients. They charge entry fee ranging from $2700 to $5700 monthly. However, they charge other additional levies for other special needs and care. Also, veteran residents are offered discounts for their extended stay in the facility.  Contact them through their website.

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