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    Workville NYC – Manhattan’s Premier Shared Office Space 


    Japan has successfully developed shared spaces for persons needing a room in which to eat and sleep, housing individuals with only a cot and eating utensils. The clientele insist they are comfortable and save enormously on cost of living.

    In the Western civilization, shared office and/or work space has given a new life to the concept of sharing costs to increase comfort and productivity.

    Bottom Line Cushions
    1. All firms envy flexibility that shared office spaces offer to bottom lines and also in lessening supplies and utility expenses. Whenever a business requires dedicated office space, it runs into 2 to 3 year lease requirement. If your company has a goal of doubling personnel within a year or so, you face having to lease smaller spaces now and be inconvenienced when your headcount does grow as anticipated. In the alternative, you will lease larger space and then absorb the additional costs for having unutilized space. Co-working is a solution to help avoid guesswork since they have flexible lease contracts and the option each month to update the lease terms so they properly meet business needs.

    2. Within the quarters of shared space are many ways and means to save money instead of leasing a traditionally sized work place:


    • Shared Utilities
    • Shared WiFi services
    • Shared janitorial, cleaning service
    • Community coffee, snack machines
    • Shared procurement of common office supplies

    The Argument for Traditional Work Space

    Co-working spaces are for businesses with less than 10 employees. If larger, you should rent your very own office, as there are savings in renting permanent space. You will spend more buying furniture and supplies, but may save on rental costs. Another pressing difference is privacy.

    Coworking Space
    Located near Times Square’s high end businesses, Workville melds together elegance found in Trump Tower with the efficiency and expertise of a major university facility, much more luxurious than possible if rented singly. The appointments and accommodations are cosmopolitan and convenient for expediting work projects.

    Costs Less Than 10%

    The cost of a single office in the area of Times Square offices would cost ten times the cost of co-work space. One could share with only one other company and reap the shared costs 50%, but the best business plan is to co-share with other companies for 10% of single office cost.

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    Andy Wirth Battles Back To Success From Skydiving Accident 

    The Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth is well known for the success he has achieved during his more than 25 years of experience as an expert in resort and mountain vacation management.

    However, the world of Andy Wirth came crashing down around him a few short years ago when he found himself at the center of a life and death situation when windy conditions blew him into vineyard during a skydiving jump; Wirth was seriously injured and in danger of losing his life before a mixture of his own quick thinking and emergency assistance saved his life and his badly injured arm.

    Andy Wirth arrived at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 2010 to take over as CEO where he took charge of the resort from the Cushing family that had been in charge for more than 70 years. Wirth has overseen the merger with Alpine Meadows and recently headed the negotiations to link the two resorts with a cable car; the successes achieved by Andy Wirth have seen him trusted with a $70 million overhaul of the facilities at Squaw Valley.

    Bloomberg commends the philanthropic efforts Andy Wirth has undertaken have recently been affected by his drive to return to good health following his skydiving accident (more can be found at

    A WSJ article said that Andy Wirth now seeks to build his own fitness while adding to the funds raised for returning Navy Seal’s who he hopes to assist in return for the inspiration he received from a Navy Seal training at Squaw Valley. The return to triathlon competition has seen Wirth look to get back the skills he had developed prior to his accident, which include bike riding and swimming.

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    White Shark Media Makes Changes To Meet Client Needs 

    Starting as a small, “corner store” advertising agency, White Shark Media has gone through exponential growth in the area of supporting small and medium sized businesses with their digital marketing needs. Three Danish entrepreneurs began White Shark Media, recognizing the value of the service they could offer, with a strong American and off-shore presence. It now has over 150 employees. Fully bilingual, White Shark Review has been successful in retaining clients and fostering news ones, because it is responsive to its customer complaints.

    By making changes on, they have been able to amend problems other agencies would leave unattended. As a result of their proactive stance, they not only have gone through enormous growth year by year but have caught the attention of Google leadership. Recently, they were brought in to join an elite club of agencies that can call themselves Google AdWords SMB Partners. As such, they give their customers an ability to get real ongoing reporting of campaigns they launch, and feel less stressed by the adventure of marketing.

    The key to their success has been to recognize that people need to do what they do best. Small company owners and their staff may not have the resources to launch ambitious advertising campaigns, and they may lack the expertise. By being able to hand the ball confidently to White Shark Complaints, they can focus on what they do best. They can concentrate on the production of their product or service. Better still, they can put their energies where their heart lies. White Shark Media has a heart that lies in maximizing sales and making people happy. It does this by communicating and really listening to what its customers have to say.

    As representatives of the company indicate, “Your trust is our main concern.” The difference is that they mean it. An example is the recent move to open a Disqus platform, so that they can help meet their customer’s needs. The reviews have been powerful and favorable. People like what they do, and want to get more of it. Leadership at White Shark Media have made it clear they are interested in being flexible and willing to improve. They have a passion for better sales performance and market based results.

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    Venezula Wants to Certify It’s Gold and Diamond Reserves 

    The UN has been certifying gold and diamonds through and organization called the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, or KPCS, as a way to ensure that diamonds are not being used to fund violence.

    Diamonds which is often seen on celebrities’ instagram are easy to carry smuggle through customs, and are often used to finance large scale drug smuggling rings and gun rings. The guns from these transactions are often bought by rebel organizations trying to undermine legitimate organizations. The UN formed the KPCS as a way to prevent this type of violence and to keep diamonds out of he hands of arms dealers.

    The Venezualian goverments asked to be certified by KPCS as one way of ensuring that they get a proper price for their diamonds and gold. The KPCS is coming to certify the amount of diamond reserves the country has. President Nicolas Maduro says there are diamond reserves that hold at least 33 million carats and up to 100 million carats of diamonds.

    Nicolas Maduro was praiesd by Danilo Diaz Granados as he is promoting was is known as the Orinco Mining Arc, a large region of east-central Venezuala that includes a large number of resources in addition to diamonds. These natural resources include gold, iron ore, coltan, and buaxite in addition to the diamonds.

    According to the Venezuelan government, officials from the KCPS will visit the mines on April 10th in an attempt to certify the diamonds and other precious materials in the mine.


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    Autism Rocks Adds New Members To Board Of Trustees 

    The board of trustees for the Autism Rocks charity has seen two new members added to it in the form of brothers Pete and Will Best, who have been friends of founder Sanjay Shah since the three attended university together. PR Newswire reports Shah has added the new members to the board as the charity has grown at a fast rate to provide funding for research into the medical condition autism; the charity is well known for providing funding for research into the best ways of identifying those affected by autism as early as possible in their lives.

    Autism Rocks came about when Sanjay Shah moved with his family to Dubai after completing a successful career working on the financial markets of London. Shah had worked for many of the top investment companies in the world after embarking on his career, but by the time of the 2008 economic collapse Shah was considering how best to work in finance while spending more time with his family. Eventually, Shah decided to establish Solo Capital in 2009, one of more than 30 companies he developed in the 21st century.

    Solo Capital was initially established as a consultancy company by the entrepreneur, but also provides skills in trading to assist clients in as many ways as possible. Upon establishing Solo Capital in 2009 Sanjay Shah headquartered the company in London, but also created offices in Dubai to allow himself the opportunity to take a less hands on approach to Solo Capital on a day to day basis.

    Sanjay Shah took the decision to add Pete and Will Best to the board of trustees in a bid to increase the skills available to Autism Rocks on a regular basis. Pete Best has been a respected figure in the financial industry for many years, but has now decided to devote his energies to philanthropy and good causes. Will Best brings an entirely new set of skills to Autism Rocks, which includes many years working as a concert promoter throughout the world.

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    Shaygan Kheradpir and the Emergence of Coriant 

    Coriant is a company that was founded in March 2013. It was formed as an independent company, its technology coming from Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore and Tellabs networks. On the 6th of May 2013, Coriant parted ways with Nokia Siemens Network. It was owned by Marlin Equity Partners. After this, Coriant merged with Sycamore which had been acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in January the same year and came to be known as Coriant America Incorporated. In December 2013, Marlin Equity Partners acquired Tellabs and plans were made to merge it with Coriant – the name would still remain Coriant.

    The main role that Coriant plays is to create innovative and dynamic networking solutions for the rapidly changing corporate world. The company works with the leading network operators in over 100 countries, including cloud and data center operators, mobile and fixed line service providers, financial institutions, utility companies, large enterprises and government agencies. Coriant is working with sales partners around the world to enable efficient network transformation in a broad range of markets which include; Enterprises, transportation, Utilities, Data center interconnect communication service providers and the public sector. The leadership is headed by Shaygan Kheradpir who is the CEO and Chairman of the Board and Pat DiPietro the Vice Chairman of the Board.

    Shaygan Kheradpir is a prominent business leader whose experience in the telecom, technology and financial services industry spans 28 years. His career began with GTE Corporation. He was the appointed Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information officer and the member of the executive leadership team. He then joined Barclays where he held the position of Chief Operations and technology officer. At Barclays he helped create TRANSFORM program, which transformed the bank for the 21st century, with 150,000 employs in 50 countries. He then became the CEO of Juniper Networks. Mr.Kheradpir was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners before becoming the CEO of Coriant.

    Shaygan received his PhD, masters and bachelors of electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has multiple patents which include media, telecom and payments. Kheradpir was on the advisory board of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and on the Cornell University Engineering Council. Shaygan developed an Integrated Development Plan while he was the CEO of Juniper Networks. This enabled him to focus on the strategic growth markets of Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking. In his career, his mission has been to bring about positive changes to customers, employees, investors and the society in general.

    Follow Kheradpir on LinkedIn

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    How I Helped Skout Give Back To The World 

    Helping Feed Hungry People

    Giving back to the world is something that I wanted to do. I’ve always been interested in volunteering at soup kitchens and shelters. I worked at a food bank briefly once, but I feel like I haven’t given enough time and energy to helping other people. I was presented with an opportunity to give back to the needy just recently in the most unusual way. I’ve been using this online dating and social media application called Skout, and they recently launched this program that benefits hungry people in their area.

    The program that Skout launched allows users to give back to the world by purchasing a gift. Gifts are a fun way to show other users that you care. You purchase a gift through Skout, and you give that gift to another user whenever you would like to show your appreciation. The recent effort from Skout was in honor of National Potato Chip Day, so the developers added a gift that was actually a bag of potato chips. This cute gift went to benefit the needy because Skout was giving the proceeds to the food bank in their area.

    Meeting People Online

    Meeting new people in real life can be challenging because you have to have a lot of confidence when you walk up to a stranger. However, meeting people online through Skout’s application is completely risk free. It’s a fun and exciting new way to make friends. Plus, using Skout is 100% free. Of course, you can always choose to buy things like gifts, but you aren’t required to spend any money to use their platform.

    Skout is available in 180 countries around the world, so you will likely meet some new and interesting people. They recently launched a travel feature that allows users to message other people in different countries. I keep getting new messages from people in other countries, which is pretty interesting because I’m learning something new about other countries that I have never been to.

    This article from PR Newswire talks about Skout and their charitable efforts.

    Follow Skout on Instagram

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    Forefront Capital Announces a New Partnership 

    This year started on a good note for Forefront Capital. On February, this year, the founder and CEO of the institution, from his Twitter Brad Reifler announced that the company was in the process of making a new partnership with an institution known as Easter Seals Dixon Center for a noble course. This partnership will also be accompanied by a generous donation amounting to three million dollars to the new company.

    Easter Seals Dixon Center has been doing a lot of good things for the veterans and military families, and according to the Forefront CEO and founder, Mr. Brad Reifler, this is one of the things that made his company consider the option of having the partnership. The military and veterans have an important role to play in the American society, and Easter Dixon Seals Center has done a lot to improve the conversations between them and also creating better life changing opportunities for these people who have done a lot for the nation.

    The veteran and military risk their lives, and most of the time, they leave their families unattended just to ensure that the rest of the people in the country can have a peaceful rest without worrying about their safety.

    Most of them are left and forgotten, but one organization, the Easter Seals Dixon Center has ensured that these people are given meaningful employment, healthcare and education. This organization works locally and internationally to get rid of any barrier and also connect these important people with reliable organizations that can help them get the solutions to their problems.

    According to Brad Reifler in his 5 Tips article, Forefront Capital Advisors has one mission in mind at the moment. They also want to take part in making a difference in the lives of the veterans and families, and they also want their new partner to have financial stability. The partnership is not only good for the veterans, but it is also important for their businesses.

    Forefront Capital has made a very important decision for the military and the veterans because it is almost impossible to do well without enough financial stability in the tough modern times. Thanks to the partnership, the veterans will have financial stability and much more.

    The amount donated by Forefront Capital will help the veterans in many ways. They will get job training, education, health and much more. On the other hand, Forefront Capital and all the consumers and staff are excited about the new partnership, because they will have an opportunity to help the military and veterans.

    Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital. He is also the founder of the institution, and he got the expertise to run the business from his previous assignments in similar organizations. His company has done very well due to his leadership and skills.  Check out Wikipedia for more on Brad Reifler.

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    New York Real Estate Welcomes New Growth 

    New York is welcoming Dave Liniger to the real estate scene with his company that he built from the ground up called RE/MAX. Liniger’s goal is to be able to bring some much needed business to the area and work with some of the most prominent local brokerage companies and expand the services across the state. He is going to be working with Terri Bohannon as the lead to a new specialist team that will begin marketing and branding the campaign to help grow the operation in new York. RE/MAX is an international company that has over 100,000 agents circled around over 100 countries. Mr. Liniger brings many years of experience to the real estate table as he started his first company in the 1970’s, and has continued to increase the brand and offices to extreme measures and success. He knows that the real estate market in New York can be a hard venture to overcome, but with his success in New Jersey, he feels that he has the right motives to get things moving. He’s going to go after the right management team and work with some of the most rapid growing real estate companies such as TOWN Residential.

    In just five short years TOWN Residential has positioned themselves into a fast paced, high end luxurious real estate market providing services to New York City apartments for sale residents. Their customer service and work ethic is nothing to be compared to and it’s received at an impeccable rate. The brokers know their jobs, and they know the rules need to abide by in order to get the house, property or lease where it needs to be. They will work hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is met in complete.

    TOWN Residential was named as one of the tope fifty places to work in New York City and the talent that they have is hard to find. The company specializes in luxury residential sales that include leasing, marketing, commercial and retail businesses. Their standard of excellence in the industry can’t be beat, and their success shows it with each business transaction and customer they come in contact with.

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    A Look At CCMP Capital’s Stephen Murray 

    CCMP Capital is a firm that specializes on leveraged buyout as well as growth capital deals and transactions. It is a private equity investment which was formerly called JP Morgan Partners. JP Morgan Partners’ investment professionals separated from JP Morgan Chase. This happened on 31st July, 2006. CCMP Capital has made quite huge investments which are approximated at $12 billion since the company was put into place. It has been ranked at number seventeen as the World largest private equity investments funds. This happened in 2007. It has offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York as well. Before it was known as JPMorgan Partners, it was called Chase Capital Partners. Once J.P.Morgan bought Chase, as it was initially known, its name changed to JPMorgan Partners.

    The late Stephen “Steve” P. Murray  was its former CEO and President of CCMP Capital. He was one of the founding partners of CCMP Capital. He passed on when he was 52 years as reported by Bloomberg. Prior to his death, Murray had left the firm. The firm stated that he had left the firm due to “health-related” issues. Prior to him being the CEO, Jeff Walker had been the CEO. Murray took over after CCMP Capital, the group, spun out in 2006 and also in 2007. Upon Murray’s demise, Greg Brenneman took over as the new President and CEO of the company. Murray’s wife and sons had been very dear to him and his demise was a great loss to them. He was well equipped and experienced as a great investor and a terrific deal breaker after spending most of his career time in private equity.

    During his lifetime, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was known to be a philanthropist. He not only supported Metro New York’s Make a Wish Foundation he also served in the chairman’s council as a member. He also supported the good course of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He was an advocate of education as is seen in his support for Columbia Business School where he attained his masters’ degree from. He supported Boston College where he served in its board of trustees as the vice chairman. He had a degree from Boston College in economics upon his graduation in 1984. He served in different boards including Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group and Strongwood Insurance Holdings just to name but a few. In 2005, he was the head of buyout business in JP Morgan Partners and later co-founded CCMP in August 2006. He was named its CEO the following year.

    Upon the spinout in 2006, CCMP Capital professional focused on venture capital transactions. They separated from the team and formed a new firm called Panorama Capital. Panorama focuses on the early expansion stages of life sciences and information and technology sectors.

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